Cognac Hardy VS

VS Hardy is a harmonious combination of Cognac crus. It reflects the smoothness and finesse of the Hardy house blends.

Cognac Hardy VSOP

A blend of two of Cognac’s greatest terroirs, Grande and Petite Champagne, VSOP Hardy is a subtle and elegant Fine Champagne.

Cognac Hardy VSOP Bio

Hardy Organic VSOP was born from a close relationship with our winegrowers, with the goal to respect the environment at every step in the production process.

Cognac Hardy Legend 1863

Legend 1863 is a tribute to the world of Cognac and the Hardy family. The worthy successor to the Napoléon cognac, it pairs the elegance of Petite Champagne with the finesse of Borderies. A unique bottle with an attractive design showcasing the brand’s symbol of a cockerel.

Cognac Hardy XO

Aged in limousine oak barrels for around 15 years, the eaux-de-vie of Hardy XO expresses the full finesse and elegance of its native terroirs, Grande and Petite Champagne.

Cognac Hardy XO Rare

A harmonious blend of Grande and Petite Champagne eaux-de-vie, this is XO Rare Fine Champagne in all its fullness after twenty years of aging in Limousin oak barrels.