Discover our cocktails

The Hardy Cognac House offers an exquisite selection of cocktail recipes that showcase the finesse of our cognacs. From timeless classics to unique creations, each cocktail offers an unforgettable taste experience, sublimating the rich aromas and subtle notes for which Hardy is renowned. Cheers!

Smooth Bacalan Melon, Lime and Apple

The 'Smooth Bacalan' cocktail from the House of Hardy Cognac is a bold blend of Hardy cognac, melon liqueur, fresh lemon juice and apple ginger syrup, offering a refined, balanced experience with a sweet, intoxicating twist.

Café mademoiselle Coffee, raspberry, chocolate

The "Café Mademoiselle" cocktail from the Hardy Cognac House is a delicious fusion of Hardy cognac, coffee liqueur, raspberry and a touch of dark chocolate. A creamy, exotic harmony that will awaken your senses with elegance.

French imperial Lemon, pineapple

The "French Imperial" cocktail from the Hardy Cognac House is a royal experience. Subtly combining Hardy cognac, Supasawa, a touch of pineapple and tonka bean, it embodies French elegance in every sip.

Grand duc Lime, blackberry, casis

The "Grand Duc" cocktail from the Hardy Cognac House is a daring combination. The combination of Hardy cognac, Supasawa, blackberry and Cucielo blanco evokes nobility and offers an unforgettable tasting experience.

Mandarin occidental Mandarin, orange

The "Mandarin Occidental" cocktail from the Hardy Cognac House is a taste journey to the Orient. The combination of Hardy cognac, Napoleon mandarin juice and Angostura creates an exotic and deliciously refreshing balance. Serve with a slice of flambéed orange.

Kinakhen Cherry, Lemon and Kina Karo

The "Kinakhen" cocktail from the Hardy Cognac House is a revelation of flavours. The unique combination of Hardy cognac, cherry liqueur, lemon and Mina Karo offers a warm, gourmet experience, perfect for moments of relaxation.