Cognac Hardy Hardy privilège

The first collaboration with the Lalique glassworks, limited to 333 units. Grande Champagne from an exceptional blend of 1906, 1908 and 1914 eaux-de-vie. The only Cognac to be authenticated before the First World War.

Cognac Hardy Printemps

For the Printemps blend, our Cellar Master has selected some exceptional eaux-de-vie to create a vibrant cognac with delightful floral notes, first stage in the aromatic development of these remarkable Grande Champagne cognacs. GRAPE VARIETIES: Ugni Blanc - Folle Blanche - Colombard

Cognac Hardy Été

HARDY COGNAC is proud to introduce L’ÉTÉ, the SUMMER issue of our remarkable Grande Champagne cognacs. This beautiful LALIQUE decanter is filled with an exceptional blend of eaux-de-vie showcasing notes of honey and apricot nectar, truly the essence of summer as chosen by our Cellar Master.

Cognac Hardy Automne

This beautiful Lalique decanter is filled with an exceptional blend of rare eaux-de-vie showcasing notes of citrus and candied fruit, true essence of autumn as chosen by our Cellar Master as the third expression of our Four Seasons collection.

Cognac Hardy Hiver

L’Hiver is the climax of the Four Seasons collection. The ice blue tiara on this lovely decanter symbolizes the dormant vines. The cycle of the Four Seasons is closed with this delightful blend of century old cognacs. The oak and candied orange flavors are enhanced by a hint of cardamom and cloves.